There is a variety of tourist attraction around madarao kogen,
Each seasons has its own excitement.
Madarao Highlands offers amazing sights and experiences.

Through mid-May from late April Madarao will be the best season for trekking.
Trekking course has become neatly in place and, The wetlands is arranged boardwalk and became easy to walk .
The Madarao Highlands are full of the sights and smells of nature.
This is the season with the sense of well-being that gives us the grace of the earth.

Summer-early fall
It is the season we can feel the taste of fresh vegetables.

Various outdoor activities for all kinds of weather are available here in the highland, such as the Zipline Adventure area, which starts next to the hotel, as well as lots of other things to do in the ski area nearby. If the weather turns bad, there are indoor facilities for things like trampolining, table tennis, and badminton.

In Nagano, every summer, at the end of June and the beginning of July, it is possible to observe the rare and enchanting electrical dance of the Japanese lightning bug (Hotaru).

The are two types of firefly native to Japan.
The Genji Hotaru and the Heike Hotaru ( named after two historical rival families)
In Nagano we are privileged to have both kinds of Hotaru in the same location.

Late autumn-early winter
The end of October - early December
There are few people in Madarao before the winter come, it is the season that flows quiet time slowly.
Some people like this season because snow begin to fall to the slopes is beautiful, it is like sumi-e.

The end of December - the end of March
Many people visit to madarao ski resort in this season. The ski resort provides you with tree run courses, ungroomed on-piste courses, free-ride skiing, free snowboard lessons for beginners, snow rafting. This is a perfect ski resort with the blessing of the heavy snowfall.

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