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AREA GUIDE   ungroomed courses, the Tree Run course, Free Ride Park courses- Madarao.

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ski course area

Course name Lift length width(m)
1.PARADISE No.1Lift 500 180-30 20/10
2.BEGINNER A No.1Lift 600 30-20 19/9
3.BEGINNER B No.1Lift 1,400 60-20 15/4
4.UTOPIA No.1Lift 1,000 100-20 10/4
5.SHIRAKABA No.5Lift 600 50-30 20/10
6.CHAMPION No.5Lift、Super Quad
1,600 100-30 31/16
7.WORLDCUP MOGUL Super Quad 1500 200-110 35/14
8.CARVING No.2 Quad Lift 800 50-30 29/14
9.GIANT No.2 Quad Lift、Super Quad、No.3A 1,500 150-30 31/17
10.POLE A・B A:No.2 Quad Lift
11.Ocean View No.3A/No.13Lift 1,200 20-10 20/10
12.TRAVERSE No.3A/No.3B/Super Quad 500 15-10 10/6
13.CRYSTAL No.11、No.12、No.13 Lift 2,500 100-40 36/10
14.Powder Line TANGRAM No.2 Lift 1,200 60-35 35/14
15.SKYLOVE No.15 Lift 、TANGRAM No.2 2,000 30-20 28/11
16.SKYVIEW No.15 Lift 1,300 40-15 13/8
17.FREERIDE PARK No.2 Quad Lift 290 100-15 29/9
18.BEGINNER SNOWBOARD Only Snowboard 150 50-20 12/6
19.KID’S PARK Kids & Family 130 140-15 18/9
20.USAGI Suber Quad、No.2 Quad 300 100-20 32/12
21.POWDER THATER TANGRAM No.2Lift /No.13 600 90-70 36/22
22.POWDER WAVE Super Quad 500 70-15 37/18
23.POWDER WAVE II TANGRAM No.2Lift 1500 200-110 35/14
24.RIVER LINE Super Quad 700 100-20 34/12
25.SNOW RAFTING No.5 300
26.ADVENTURES AISLE  No.13 380 7-3 17/2
27.CRYSTAL BOWL Super Quad、No13、No12 1000m 90m/20 m 33°/20°
28.KAMOSHIKA No.2 Quad Lift 600m 40m/15m 29°/14°
29.NINJA No.15 lift/No.12 lift 450m 80m /20m 31°/14
30.SAWA No.15 lift 1000m 38m /18m 28°/15°



Course Type lift length(m) width(m)
ski immediate course No.1 Lift 500m 180m/30m 20°/10°

paradise course area

This course can be seen right in front of the resort entrance, just to the left of the Sora no Ie information center. Paradise is a relatively low-grade slope, so skiers who are able to turn and stop freely on their skis or snowboard should have no problem completing this Course.



Course Type lift length(m) width(m)
ski beginner course No.1 Lift 600m 30m/20m 19°/9°

Although this course is a bit on the narrow side, reaching 30m at its widest point, relatively fewer people ski it, leaving Beginner’s A a fairly open slope. This is a course to try after having learned how to stop on very low-grade slopes. If you are at a minimum able to sideslip, this course should be no problem for you. Also, since this course has a bit more of an incline, it is perfect for practicing sideslipping and traversing, as well as the falling leaf technique.*.
Since the slope of this course does reach about 19° at its steepest point, we recommend that people who are trying out skiing or snowboarding for the first time start off on the Beginner’s B course.
*Falling leaf: A technique in which a snowboarder snowboards from left to right while sideslipping, much like a leaf falling from a tree. For those who want to learn how to safely perform maneuvers such as these, or those who are absolutely new to skiing or snowboarding, we recommend entering into our learner’s school!



Course Type lift length(m) width(m)
ski beginner course No.1 Lift 1,400m 60m/20m 15°/4°

Perfect for kids and beginners alike! If you are entering in from the ski resort entrance, pass through this course and head toward the central ticket gate.
This course may also be used to access Kids Park without having to take Snow Rabbit, our resident snow tractor.



Course Type lift length(m) width(m)
ski beginner course No.1 Lift 1,000m 100m/20m 10°/4°

Stretching out to the left of entrance to Beginner’s B is Utopia. Having a fairly even terrain, it is the perfect place for first-time snow boarders and skiers to practice their skills. Utopia may also be taken to get to Hotel Monaile, as well as Parking Lot 7.



Course Type lift length(m) width(m)
ski beginner course No.5 Lift 600m 50m/30m 20°/10°

The slope and the breadth of this course make it great for beginners. Accessible by Lift 5, this course remains relatively open on even high traffic days. This course can also be used to get to Day Trip Parking Lot 7.。



Course Type lift length(m) width(m)
ski beginner course
ski intermediate course
ski advanced course
No.2Q、SQ、No.3A 1600m 100m/30m 31°/16°

paradise madarao ski

Lower Portion ski beginner course

Aimed toward beginners and children, the lower portion of Champion can be reached by entering the resort entrance and skiing in from Beginner’s B, then taking Lift 5 from the central area of the resort.
Even children will be able to safely ski this mild slope with ease. Additionally, both Kids Park and Restaurant Tirol can be accessed from the bottom of this course.

Middle Portion ski intermediate course

非圧雪 ゲレンデ 斑尾

We recommend this slope for intermediate to advanced skiers, as well as technical skiers who want to try out advanced tricks and techniques out on the snow. Compared to the other compacted snow-containing slopes in Madarao Kogen, this one has a bit more of an incline and a bit more breadth. It is often used for college tournaments, as well as many races.
To access this course, ski to the left after getting off the Super Quad Lift.

Upper Portion ski advanced course

madarao ski japan

The upper portion of Champion can be accessed via Lift 3A. Skiing to the right will take you to the upper portion of Giant, and skiing to the left will take you to Champion. A steep and irregular slope, it is the perfect spot for confident skiers and snowboarders to test their limits. This course, which is another course that gets a lot of powder after snowfall, can also be used to access AIR WAVE, which makes its debut this season. Taking the upper portion of Champion to AIRWAVE or World Cup Mogul will allow you to enjoy almost an entire kilometer of powder. This is a popular course for skiers and snowboarders who enjoy skiing first thing in the morning after a heavy snow.



Course Type lift length(m) width(m)
ski advanced course SQ 1500m 200m/110m 35°/14°

japan ski nagano

Stirring up hype ever since the ’88 Free Style Ski World Cup is Madarao Kogen’s World Cup Mogul. At top class difficulty, this is another course that accumulates plenty of powder during snowfalls. Used in official races even to this day, World Cup Mogul is said to be one of the most challenging mogul courses in all of Japan.



Course Type lift length(m) width(m)
ski intermediate course No.2Q 800m 50m/30m 29°/14°

course ski snowboard

Just as the name implies, this is a course where skiers can enjoy carving down the slopes. Carve alternates between having a gentle and moderate slope, creating an enjoyable course of soft curves. Additionally, the brand new course USAGI can be accessed from the top of this course.