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EVENT   POWDER SESSION Top riders- both skiers and snow boarders.

EVENT 2017-2018

event madarao japan

Count Down Event
Why not ring in the New Year at Madarao Kogen!?
December 31, 2017 (New Year’s Eve)
A “Torch Run” by ski instructors starts at 21:00.
”Nighter” hours will be extended until midnight.
The count down starts at 24:00!

ski madarao japan

Fire Festival Fireworks and Dondo-yaki
Invite in the New Year with an impressive “Dondo-yaki”- a burning of New Year’s decortations ceremony. Since long ago, it has been said that bathing in the warmth of this blaze will not only give you strength, but that eating mochi warmed by it will ward off sickness. This year, we will be setting of fireworks on the slope the on same day.
January 13th, 2018 (Sat.)
The “Torch Slide,” fireworks, and Dondo-yaki will be open to the general public starting at .
 event madarao japan  Fireworks
January 27th、Feburuary 24th, 2018(sat.)
(spare date:10th March 2017)
Fireworks(we will be setting of fireworks on the slope after night skiing)

event madarao japan

Neither age nor technique matter here! This is a calculated race to see who can reach the highest speed. Whether with family or with friends, this is an event that everyone can enjoy together. Entries may be accepted on the day of.
January 28th, March 18th, 2018 (Sunday)