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foods meal restaurant

foods meal restaurant

Restaurant Heidi

RAO(羅王)men Noodles
After a day out on the chilly slopes, nothing hits the spot like a warm plate of curry, right? WRONG.

Our RAOmen Noodles will warm you up from the inside out. Made with Chinese dandan noodles, chili oil, and pork broth, then topped with cubed pork, the sweetness of the meat really stands out. In one word- “Delicious.”

Price: 1,000 yen. Available at Restarant Heidi.

Gapao Rice
Thai Style Gapao Rice (Price 1,100 Yen)
Fried Egg with Gapao Rice. You will be able to get a view of Thailand.

Truffle scented cream pasta with various mushrooms
Four types of mushroom are included in this cream pasta, with the scent of truffle.

Addictive Green Curry
Once you become addicted, you will want to eat this green curry daily.

Gorgonzola cheese scented beef stew with rice.
Beef stew with melted gorgonzola cheese is the best!

Jumbo Sausage Hot Dog
The 110 gram sausage will surprise you!

Korean Style Spicey Dragon Soup (Sundubu)
After a big powder session, we recommend this spicey soup to warm you up.

Restaurant Tirol

BIG (HAM)Burger
Restaraunt Chirol’s BIG (HAN)Burger comes with tomatoes and a double serving of demiglace sauce. The more dainty are free to use a knife and fork, but holding it with both hands and going at it with huge, manly bites is fine as well!

Cream pasta with Shinshu Salmon.

Miyuki Pork Stew

Nagano Pizza

Restaurant Shirakaba

There has been strong demand from repeat customers to bring back the Shirakaba Restaurant blackboard menu. Mildly spicey and juicey duck meat soup will be sure to warm you up to the core of your body.

Aki`s Pub&Cafe  2016-2017 NEW OPEN

Aki`s Pub&Cafe located at left side of Yutopia course.(bottom of Kids park.)

There are good espresso machine,you can take good coffee time here.

There some luch menu Pizza / Japanese ramen / Curry.

Night time Steak / Buffalo wing / Pizza
English Ski / Snow board school and Backcountry tour office also here.
【営業時間】10:00am~2:00pm 6:00pm~10:00pm 30 seat


caffee Japanese Ramen masala Curry Rice
 Pizza Margherita  Muffin