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Shuttle Service

2017-2018 NEWS

madarao ski japan

Banked slalom course of topics also appears in Madarao Course to skip a bank
made using natural topography.
It is scheduled to open on February 17.
Permanent until the end of the season

■Improved access for the 2017-2018 winter season
●More shuttle bus connections for the Shinkansen at Iiyama Station, including shuttle bus services to Myoko Kogen.
Visit the Access site of the Madarao Kogen Hotel website for bus service schedules.
To Madarao (PDF)
From Madarao (PDF)
●NOTOMA Bus Service Time Table
Nozawa Onsen ⇔ Iiyama Station ⇔ Madarao Kogen (PDF)

Area Guide (Extract)

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madarao area



Both courses take advantage of the natural landscape to create a unique and challenging course. Given the irregularities of the natural landscape, these are technical courses geared toward experienced skiers. Whether you are in the mood for a powder run, are looking for some natural hits, or want to enjoy an air session, this is the course for all you advanced skiers out there. AIRWAVE II can be accessed by way of Tangram Lift 2


NINJA course provide you real Ninja experience.
There are DIY Log Jump(8m high from ground) and many Pillows.


SAWA is Natural Half Pipe and Tree ski course.
You can junp off everywhere!


Gently sloping tree run course.
Enjoy a leisurely glide through this tree-lined course, accessible until the beginning of spring.


snowboard biginner

Anxious about your first time snowboarding? No problem! At Madarao we have a course specifically designed for beginner snowboarders. Since even getting on and off the lifts can be a source of dread for the beginner snowboarder, we instead utilize user-friendly moving walkways to get around.


Moderately sloping tree run course.
The course makes use of an amazing natural landscape, including a natural bowl and half pipe.



Sky View can be accessed by Lift 15. After getting off Lift 15 and skiing down Sky Love for about 200 meters, the course splits into to two. Go to the right to stay on Sky Love, and go to the left to continue onto Sky View.
Being another wide course with a mild slope, Sky View is great for beginner/intermediate skiers, as well as families.
Since Sky View is directly adjacent to the Tangram Ski Circus, is also serves as an access point to the Tangram ski area.