There are some good Madarao Ski School options, both adult classes and kids ski school classes. English-speaking ski instructors are available for both group or private lessons.

Madarao Sports Academy


Group lesson half day
Beginner & Intermediate class 4,500 yen
Upper class 5,500 yen
Kids class 5,500 yen
Group lesson one day
Beginner & Intermediate class 5,500 yen
Upper class 7,000 yen
Kids class 7,000 yen
Private lesson one day
1-3 persons 25,000 yen
4-6 persons 28,000 yen
Private lesson half day
1-3 persons 18,000 yen
4-6 persons 22,000 yen

NORTH Nagano Outdoor Sports


Private Lesson
1day 59,000 yen
2days 118,000 yen
3days 159,300 yen
Group Lesson
2hours 10,700 yen
4hours 21,400 yen
Kids group ski lesson
Half day 8,800 yen
1day 13,000 yen
2days 26,000 yen
3days 39,000 yen
4days 52,000 yen
5days 58,500 yen
6days 71,500 yen

Action Snow Sports


Private Lessons
2hours 21,000 yen
3hours 28,000 yen
4hours 33,000 yen
6hours 45,000 yen