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The only natural hot spring in Madarao Highlands

Opened in 1998, Madarao Kogen Hot Spring draws natural hot spring water from 600 meters underground, which boasts many unique qualities. The hot spring water warms your body through, and the reddish chloride water smoothes your skin.
The sodium-calcium chloride spring is also good for muscle aches, cold constitution, and tiredness. It will make you relaxed and comfortable, especially if you are extremely exhausted or cold after a full day activities. A day use service is available for the large baths.

Madarao Kogen Hotel, with the Madarao Kogen Hot Spring inside, is the one and only place in Madarao Highlands to enjoy both winter sports and a natural hot spring. The combination of falling snow and twinkling stars in the night sky viewed from the large open-air baths is simply breathtaking.

360-degree interior imagesWith the Google Indoor View feature, clicking your mouse lets gives you a 360-degree view of our hot spring.
Take the virtual experience. We hope you like what you see!

斑尾高原ホテル 飯山

Water quality and benefits of Madaro Kogen Hot Spring

Aesthetic benefits of salt
The salt compounds along with the minerals contained in the hot spring water activate production of hormones and metabolism to make your skin look and feel younger. They also unclog pores to make your skin clearer and smoother.
‘Fever Water’
The hot spring water includes compounds similar to those of the sea. This is why this type of hot spring is good for moisturizing and keeping your body warm, and has been dubbed ‘Fever Water’. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles.
Highly alkaline hot spring with pH9.1
Our hot spring is highly alkaline, which is rare in Japan. Generally, the more alkaline the spring is, the better it is for skin. The alkaline level of regular water is about pH7.
Sodium and calcium chloride hot spring
Hydrogen ion exponent (pH): 9.1
Temperature: 33.1 degrees
Indications: Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusions, twisted joints, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoid problems, excessive sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, recovery from fatigue, health enhancement, cuts, burn injuries, chronic skin diseases, physically weak children, chronic female disorders
Relax and enjoy the one and only natural hot spring in Madarao Highlands!

The hot spring at Madarao Kogen Hotel is available for use as a public bathhouse.

Business hours 6:00~10:00 / 12:00~23:00
Admission Adults: 900yen
Children: 600yen
Complimentary face towel
斑尾高原ホテル 飯山

Business day

For additional business day, please contact the front desk.

斑尾高原ホテル 飯山