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Iiyama city of food and drink, shopping center, introduce you such as a bank

Iiyama city townAround Iiyama Station, there are the banks and shopping centers, drug stores, and many restaurants(soba, tempura, okonomiyaki).

We introduce these shops. If you click the image to the right, open the PDF of restaurants & shops in Iiyama Town.
In addition, in the image below, you can see the actual landscape image and video.

Watch the city's landscape camera, a video icon. You can use as a reference for when you walk.

When you click the mark of the camera, open the actual landscape photography as seen from that location,
when you click the mark of the video, you can see the video of its surroundings.

Iiyama city map

Please use as a reference for when to move specifically. You can use as a reference for when you walk.

Introduction of recommended restaurants.


iiyama city Rokubee

Tempura&Dining [Rokubee] offers a menu that takes into account that the foreign customers.
We offer a menu that were considered in the case of not eaten for religious reasons.
In addition to the counter with Japan-specific atmosphere, there is a private room(alcove of a room).
Everybody can enjoy Japanese food at this restaurant.
Meals in a room with a Japanese tatami is also available in the reservation.

Buckwheat, local production brand pig, sake, tempura, the local production for local consumption, such as wild vegetable cuisine
You can enjoy a meal.

As the owner is also a guide to ride on your bus if someone is time, knowledgeable of Iiyama, such as culture, industry, temple, buddhist Japanese paper snow. He also has the All Japan coach experience in the original skier.
Know the gratitude of the guide by local people from the experience spent abroad, he told me that he has been actively guide.
Menu_no.1    Menu_no.2

iiyama city Rokubee


iiyama city Matsumi-zushi

Focusing on low-cost and delicious ingredients, Matsumi offers delicious fish, as well as clear information on its origins and brand.

Customers can also enjoy Iiyama and Niigata-produced sake, as well as wine and 100% natural juice.

Very easy access from Iiyama Station. Just 3 mins from the bus stop.

Horigotatsu-style table which has a lower floor are available,so people can sit down bending their legs like when we sit down at chairs.

iiyama city Matsumi-zushi


iiyama city Negi-to-Kona

Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, Negi-to-Kona's takoyaki (octopus dumpling) are made from carefully selected ingredients.

While they keep their delicious flavor even after cooling, Takoyaki in the store are served fresh from the baking pan.
The most popular dish on the menu is the original leek/sesame sauce takoyaki.

The seasonal Iiyama-grown asparagus okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) is also a favorite.

Guests can enjoy okonomiyaki on the hot plate at the counter seats.

iiyama city Negi-to-Kona

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