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Privacy Policy Madarao Accommodation Hotel

ABIRA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") strives to handle personal information appropriately in accordance with the following policy:

  • 1. The Company shall comply with the applicable laws or other norms related to personal information and take all measures to protect the important personal information of our guests.
  • 2. When provided with guests’ personal information, the Company will disclose the purpose of use of the personal information through public announcement or personal notification.
  • If the purpose of use of the personal information provided will be changed, the Company shall announce publicly, or give personal notice of, the changed purpose of use.
  • 3. To handle personal information appropriately, the Company shall seek to protect personal information by taking appropriate measures, including development of an internal administrative system, education of employees, and prevention of unauthorized access to personal information, as well as loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information, and by conducting continuous re-examinations thereof.
  • 4. The Company shall not provide personal information to a third party without previous consent, except when the Company entrusts a third party to handle the information within the necessary scope for the purpose of use, or provides the information to a third party according to the laws or other regulations.
  • 5. When disclosure, correction, addition, or suspension of use of the personal data held by the Company is requested, the Company shall respond adequately to the request thereof.
  • 6. The Company shall pursue ongoing implementation of system development and in-company education for the purpose of handling personal information appropriately.
  • 7. The Company may revise the privacy policy to ensure protection of personal information, or to respond to any amendment of laws or other norms.
  • In case of any policy revision, the Company shall announce it on its website.
  • The announcement shall be in "What's New" on the Company’s website.
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