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Sekida Mountain Hiking Course  you will find a wonderful hiking trail (approx 80 km)

Sekida Mountain Hiking Course
Along the ridge of the Sekida mountains, which border the Nagano and Niigata prefectures, you will find a wonderful hiking trail (approx 80 km).
Travelling from Shinano (the old name for Nagano) you will pass through beautiful beechwood forests on your way to Echigo (the old name for Nigato).

This mountain road was used as a route for trading salt and dried seafood from Nigato as well as rapeseed oil and Uchiyama-shi (japanese paper) from Nagano.

During the Sengoku Jidai period (the time of the Bushi/Samuri civil war) the Samuri commander Uesugi ken shin used this route to march his army to the battle of Sekigahara.

This ancient mountain trading trail also assisted the expansion of economic activity into the more remote and deepest snow regions of Japan.
It is a reminder of how important as well as beautiful the powerful landscape of nature can be.

About Shinetsu Trail

トレッキング 登山 信越トレイル

The Sekida Mountains rise to a height of approximately 1000km above sea level. During the winter there is an average snowfall of 5 metres. Due to the severe winter conditions the beechwood forest and many rare alpine flora have been very well preserved.

The best season for hiking is between May and November.
In spring you will still find patches of snow amongst the fresh green shoots of the alpine flowers and plants.
During the summer, the cool mountain breeze offers you a welcome escape from the steamy heat of city life.
Autumn arrives and, as the snows begin to return, the mountains are painted with the beautiful colours of fire red and gold.
Throughout all seasons the beechwood forest wraps you with a sense of silence and wonder.
As the trees release their phytoncide you will find yourself calmed and at peace within this spectacular environment.

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